Frequenty Asked Questions

What kind of books do you publish?

Riddle Brook Publishing is interested in narrative non-fiction. We enjoy stories by people and about people, written with an engaging voice and driven by the author's personal experiences.

I have several previous publications. Am I still able to submit my work to you?

While we are interested in writers just starting out, it's fine if you have a few previous credits in your area of interest.  We do, however, feel strongly that our mission is to encourage the NEW writer.

What arrangements do you have with your authors?

Riddle Brook Publishing works closely with authors to shape the final work. In addition, when possible we try to provide a small advance against royalties. Most importantly, authors retain their own copyrights.

Are there particular types of books that you do not publish?

We do not publish books for children, poetry, academic material, nor fiction of any kind.  We also do not publish non-standard sizes nor hardbound books.